Chant for Well-being, Earth Yoga, Boulder, Colorado

First Friday of every month, 1pm

Chanting is a practice which guides the mind to rest and opens the heart. In this class we build on these benefits by bringing a gentle focus to emotional well-being. We begin by settling in to our postures and connecting to our inner self with a guided emotion contemplation. The intention for our chant is to allow stuck feelings to arise with our inhale and release into the exhale of the sound. We prepare our voices with a simple warm-up exercise and explore the meaning and pronunciation of the words. The chant is in a "call and response” style accompanied by live harmonium music and finishes with a short peaceful meditation.

No experience required, all voices and hearts welcome.

Next series coming 2019 - Emotion Yoga Class, Boulder, Colorado

Body and mind come together in Emotion Yoga classes. Experience this new hybrid of all-levels yoga coupled with guided emotion journaling. Based in both ancient yogic tradition and modern cognitive science, we’ll flow and grow through one set of emotions per class, as we harness the movement inherent in e*motion. Journaling page provided. Taught by Kristina (Cizmar) Eklund and Sarah Silvas-Bernstein. Earth Yoga Boulder is located on Folsom, just north of Valmont in Boulder, Colorado.  Stay tuned for the 2018 schedule!