Ten Keys: Holistic Approach to Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse

Ten Keys is a simplified framework for adults healing from childhood sexual abuse.
Because the work of healing is hard enough - figuring out how to go about it shouldn't be.

Each of the 10 Keys represents a key aspect of healing:

1. Learn – at least enough to know you’re normal.
2. Support – find your resources.
3. Live. In other words… don’t kill yourself.
4. Relationships: Can’t live without ‘em.
5. Balance: finding ‘just right’.
6. Allow: don’t fight your own wisdom.
7. Write – to right yourself.
8. Emotions: feel and adapt.
9. Body: the storage unit for trauma.
10. Community: find your voice, take your place.

The healing path is not a simple one, and doesn’t go in a straight line. Expect to circle back to each Key several times over. It gets easier. And it’s moving you closer to wholeness each time. Start small, and proceed gently!

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*Ten Keys is not meant to take the place of consulting with a medical or mental health professional.*