It Happens Every Day: A short film by Ross Taylor

Total Run Time: 5 min 41 sec

About Kristina
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About the Filmmaker

It Happens Every Day was produced by Ross Taylor, a visiting professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, with the help of Kelsey Ray, a graduate student at the University of Colorado Boulder and Luke Rafferty, an undergraduate student at Syracuse University. Ross Taylor produced this film in order to share Kristina’s story, with the hopes of igniting conversations among those who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) via the art of film.

Ross Taylor’s professional recognitions include National Photographer of the Year, Northern Photographer of the Year, New England Photographer of the Year, Virginia Photographer of the Year and North Carolina Photographer of the Year (twice). His coverage of an Afghanistan trauma hospital garnered numerous international and national awards, and his work has also appeared on the cover of the Best of Photojournalism Magazine (twice). He is co-director of an upcoming film about a war widow learning to let go (to be released in 2016).

Taylor's previous positions include visiting Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the inaugural fellow in the Department of Multimedia Photography and Design at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. Taylor’s master’s project was a series of films in the burn unit of a Syracuse hospital.

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